Dalma immigration’s team


cathrineKatherine Au

Entrepreneur and Investor Program

Katherine Au veered from her background in digital electronics to join the ranks of the DALMA Immigration team. She has become an authority on Canadian Investor Program applications and acts as a guide for Dalma’s business clientele. As such, she assists applicants in completing the required paperwork and in providing the supporting documents required by governmental authorities prior to processing. Her fluency in Mandarin, Cantonese and English make her a valuable member of the team.



johanneJohane Gaudet


Johane Gaudet acts as liaison between Dalma and governmental authorities. She is the final intermediary before clients obtain their visas. Her primary responsibility is to monitor the progress of applicant files and to keep clients informed of their status. She is therefore in constant communications with embassies and keeps a tight rein on procedures and documents. In her years of experience in the immigration field, she has developed negotiation skills and contacts that allow her to accelerate the processing of files. She also has the capacity to solve unforeseen problems promptly, efficiently and in the best interests of the client. Ms. Gaudet is fluent in both spoken and written French and English.



hindHind Sibay

Entrepreneur and Investor Program

Hind Sibay’s role is to steer the company’s business clientele through the intricacies of the Investor Program. As such, she helps applicants assemble the required documents and provides guidelines concerning the presentation of the numerous reports requested by governmental authorities. She also examines completed files to make sure all of the appropriate paperwork has been filled in correctly, thereby keeping delays to a minimum. Ms. Sibay can provide valuable guidance in Arabic, French and English.