Incorporated under Canadian laws in 1989, DALMA Immigration is affiliated to Dalma Export-Import Ltd. Truly an international firm, DALMA Immigration has offices in Cairo, Egypt and Montreal, Canada. The firm also works hand in hand with affiliated partners throughout the world and offers immigration services in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, the former Soviet Union, Western Europe, the Middle-East, West Africa and the United States.

With the help of Dalma’s team of professionals, more than 10,000 families from all parts of the world have obtained the Canadian immigrant status. Thanks to the use of sophisticated software and the most modern communications technology, interaction with clients, embassies and agents is simple and the processing of files is accelerated. Dalma’s extensive network and the expertise of its staff, who is well acquainted with the particular requirements and processing guidelines of individual embassies, ensure that clients’ requests are treated with care and diligence.


DALMA Immigration adheres to a strict code of ethics that guarantees applicants will be served confidentially and professionally